Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage Silhouettes

I know, I know, I have no followers left (if I ever had any at all).  This poor blog has been neglected - severely.  Between moving in, finding out we are expecting baby #4, and being overwhelmed with pregnancy, kids, and bringing order to the chaos in our new house, I really have not had time for any projects lately.  This one is just a small simple one, but I am so in love with it, I had to share ASAP :).  As I sat down to quickly post this project while Bubba sleeps (can I get a Hallalujah!), I found this lovely artwork on my computer screen.  It permanent marker.  Yea.  I will be google searching how to remove that ASAP.

So, to start I found this LOVELY pair of oval frames at the local DI for $2.  I knew I wanted to do cute silhouettes in the girls' room, and when I saw these I knew they were PERFECT.  Well, with a little help and some spraypaint.  I am not sure which is the bigger crime in the originals, the fact that someone had these hanging in their home, or the fact that someone spent the time and money to have these jazzercising bear prints professionally framed and matted.  Really.
 And in my haste I forgot to take photos of the all of the in between steps, but here's the rundown (pretty simple).  Take glass and mats out of frame and spraypaint black (I used Krylon satin black), spray the mats desired color (I used Krylon Catalina Mist), let them dry for about a day (just to be safe).  In the meantime, I took profile photos of the girls with my camera and uploaded them to my computer.  I then used THIS tutorial (thanks to pinterest) to turn my profile photos into silhouettes, and added their names in a fun script.  I did cut my silhouettes and letttering out of vinyl with my Cricut once I had made them in photoshop, but I really could have just printed them on white cardstock.  Anyway, quick easy project, and I am in love this these!  Just wait until you see them in the girls' room, they will be adorable! (And, as usual, I apologize for the phone photos, I am just too impatient to take the time to take good photos right now, WAY too many projects to get done! :)

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